The President of Jaber Ibn Hayan Medical University visit the University of Babylon

  • Posted: 04 Oct 2015

The President of Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University Prof. Dr. Ali Mahmoud al-Shammari visited the University of Babylon on Monday, 09/14/2015 and was greeted by the President of the University of Babylon Prof. Dr. Adel Al-Baghdadi and Prof. Dr. Qahtan Hadi vice president for scientific affairs and the deans of the Faculties of pharmacy, engineering and a number of university professors. The University President inspected some new buildings of Babylon University and heard a brief explanation on the manner of execution, the period required for completion of construction cost and convenience to the living conditions of the country. He also inspected the design and contents of the new student club, which has a good quality, with quick accomplishment. Excellent effort to the staff the University of Babylon for their success in the scientific field and construction. The President of the University of Babylon ledged to provide necessary. assistance and unlimited support for the newly established universities in particular Jabir Ibn Hayyan Medical University and his personal willingness to provide consultations engineering plans, scientific advice modern software the president, to each other. Bid farewell to.