Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University initiates a website for the faculty of medicine

  • Posted: 10 Oct 2016

For the sake of keeping up the world technological advancement, Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University aspires to improve the university technological program.In this respect, president of the university Prof.Dr.Ali Mahood Al-  shammari has instructed to initiate a website for the faculty of medicine for publishing the scientific and practical activities, as well as showing its vision and aims of medical field study.

    Revently, the programmer of the website Teif Raoof said" the website will include news about the university and the medical sciences news of universities and hospitals, in addition to the details of  faculty branches. Moreover, it will contain group of categorizations for students' scientific and cultural activities, and photographs for the top-students at every studying year."

    Also, the faculty professors can publish their researches, curriculum vitae and achievements during their career.

   President of the university has instructed to upload the lectures on the faculty website for helping the students in having them easily.

    It is worth to be mentioned that the process of initiating the website is supervised by president of the university and vice-chancellor for administrative affairs assist.Prof. Ahmed M.Issa, which will be activated at the beginning of the academic year( 2016-2017) .