The department of physiology and medical physics organizes a workshop about the Global positioning System

  • Posted: 03 Apr 2017


The department of physiology and medical physics has organized a workshop about (GPS) with the attendance of the staff of the university.

 The workshop has included  lectures  for the head of the department Prof.Dr. Mohammed Fakherldeen and assist.lecturer Ibraheem Salman who have presented the main points  of the importance of GPS devices and its varied  medical uses .

Also, they have amply explained the techniques of GPS and its types, as well as; the components of the system and the mechanism of its working.   

In this respect , assist. lecturer Ibraheem Salman  has clarified the types of international systems  such as the American one GPS and the Russian GLONASS, discussing  the mechanism of their usage in the medical field such as the tracing the children and old people.