Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University organizes seminar about" the role of the University in taking care the persons of special needs"

  • Posted: 05 Apr 2018

Under the auspice of university president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al Shammari, the Faculty of Medicine has organized seminar about "the role of the University in taking care the persons of special needs", with the attendance of academic and social figures from in and outside the country .Also, representatives from Red Cross Organization, Najaf Health Office, and Najaf Province Council have attended the seminar.

In his speech, president of the university said" our University; since the beginning of its academic and scientific profession,has aspired to communicate with the society and the problems of community segments,  particularly, the persons of special needs. So, taking care of this immense segment is a solidarity responsibility of the society.As a recent-established University, we did make our role in talking to the ministry of higher education and scientific to institute the first academic project in Iraq ,that is; establishing the faculty of Medical Rehabilitation that concerned with this field".

The governor-assistant for legal affairs and the supervisor on the offices of the ministry of Labor and social affairs Mr.Ayad Al Fatlawy has said in his speech" the responsibilities of ministry of Labor and social affairs emerge from social and ethical message for the society, which comes from the concern and care that it offers through its institutions that concern with individual and family. A number of laws and  legislation have been made that concern with this segment of society".

Regarding the international participation,the representatives of Red Cross Organization Dr.Swiget; who gave a lecture about the role of the organization in supporting and rehabilitating the center of artificial limbs  in Iraq for the persons who get disabled because of the armed conflicts. Also, he talked about the role of the organization in inaugurating seven centers of artificial limbs in Baghdad , south provinces ,Kurkuk and Salahdeen .

The counselor of Ministry of Health for Mental affairs Dr. Sabah Fakherldeen has talked in his lecture about the concept of Mental disability and the role of the society in supporting and taking care of the persons of special needs, referring to the importance of forming special teams in the health institutions that work on with the issues of persons of special needs and training them.

The head of Surgery branch at Faculty of Medicine assist.Prof.Dr.Adel Al Meiyaly has given a lecture about the children who suffer from hearing disorder and the methods of treating and rehabilitating them considering them as a apart from the persons of special needs. Moreover, he has talked about the operation of cochlear implants in Iraq.

 The head of Anatomy branch at Faculty of Medicine Dr. Majid Hadi has talked about the physical treatment and the role of the physician and the well-known diseases that the physician remedies.

The recommendations of the conference has been stated by vice-chancellor for administrative affairs and the Chairman of the seminar Preparatory Committee Prof. Dr. Mohammed Baqer Fakherldeen in which he shed the light upon the importance of organizing international conference for supporting and taking care the persons of special needs , to have awareness of the main problems and difficulties that face the work and overcoming them, establishing the Faculty of Rehabilitation to graduating specialists in this field, stimulate the humanitarian international and local organizations to  gather effort and unify them to support this segment of society, setting up the necessary infrastructure to improve the provided services , instituting specialized centers, and forming higher commission by the concerned ministries for making strategies and consultations for upgrade the actual situation of the provided services for the people of special needs.

At the finalization of the seminar, University shield  has been awarded to the participants for their effective role in highlighting the main issues of the seminar   .