Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University organizes conference about obesity and gastric bypass surgery

  • Posted: 05 Apr 2018


Under the auspice of president of the University Prof.Dr.Ali  Mahmood Al Shammari and the dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Kufa University assist.Prof.Dr. Mohammed Abed-alzahra ,and in co-operation with Najaf Health office/Al Sader Medical city, the Swiss Pharmaceutical company Acino and Athicon company, Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University  organizes conference about obesity and gastric bypass surgery , with attendance of academic specializing figures from United Kingdom and U.A.E, and professors from the University.

 Prof.Dr. Abed-alzahra has given lecture about obesity and how it could be treated , explaining the procedures of making the surgical intervention for such cases. 

Prof . Dr.Abed-Alredha Bazoky has given a lecture about the operations gastric bypass surgery.

The lectures have been lasted for two days; distributed as two lectures for every professor. Moreover, there has been a workshop in Al Sader Medical city about making surgical operations for obesity cases.