Faculty of Medicine held symposium about Kidney transplantation

  • Posted: 28 May 2018


Under the auspice of University president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Al shammari and in association with Swiss pharmaceutical company ACINO, Faculty of Medicine has held symposium titled" Kidney transplantation …the difficulties and challenges".

The symposium has been launched by speech for vice-chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Safa AlObaidi in which he referred to the role of the University in organizing scientific symposium that come at the interest of teaching process in our country. Then, he talked about the global statistics of organs transplant, stating that on 2015 (126670) cases of human organ transplant made on the world level, including 67% of Kidney transplantation ,22% of liver transplantation, and the rest of the proportion has included heart, lung, pancreatic and intestinum tenue transplantation. He has also shed the light upon the hindrances of transplantation operation such as the lack of donator and the legislation that organize this issue.

Specialized doctor of kidney diseases from in and outside the country has delivered lectures about this matter.

Dr.Amar Munaf Al Mousawi ,specialized doctor of kidney diseases from Royal Shrewsbury hospital in Britain has given lecture in which he talked about kidney transplant in UK and the number of patients whose cases demand kidney transplant, stating the problems and difficulties they encounter. Dr.Al Mousawi has offered his services to associate with specialized doctor in Najaf hospitals to solve issues related to such cases 


The consultant surgeon in Al Sader teaching hospital Dr.Fadhil Abood has talked in his lecture about the stages of instituting the center of dialysis and kidney transplant in 2009 and the first transplant operation that has been made in the same year, referring to the currently  facing difficulties in the center.

Dr.Bashar Al Shimasawi ,the specializing doctor in Al Sader teaching hospital has shed the light upon the various cures that are being utilizing after making the transplant for keeping the life of kidney and protecting the body from the acute and chronic rejection from the body of the recipient .

Dr.Yassir Sharba , the specializing doctor of kidney disease in Al Zahraa teaching hospital has stated the cases of kidney transplantation for children and the facing difficulties in this matter.

The representative of pharmaceutical company ACINO the pharmacist Noor Al Mousawi has given a lecture about the using of antibiotics and treatment of acute and chronic urinary tract infections.

 At the finalization of the seminar, president of the University has presented the University shield and certificates to the participants