President of the University attends the first international scientific conference for Dentistry sciences

  • Posted: 28 May 2018


President of the University Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood Sahib Al Shammari has  attended the first international scientific conference for Dentistry sciences   that has been held in Dentistry department in Ibn Hayyan college in Kerbala Holy city and in association with Dentistry college in Kerbala University.

In his speech that was on behalf of his highness minister of higher education and scientific research, president of University has delivered his highness wishes to achieve the aspiring success for the conference, referring to the accomplishments of ministry of higher education and its goals, certifying the principle of academic scientific accreditation in the Universities by accrediting the reliable curriculum and applying scientific teaching methods, intensifying the importance of caring the students  and developing their capacities since they will be the leaders in the future.

The president has also talked about the role of private education considering it as a complement for the government education, inviting the private education through the conference patronage college to activate department work on offering distinctive medical services through consulting clinic for mustering the Iraqi competencies from in and outside the country .

The activities of the conference include making workshop and expositions for the recent international dentistry apparatus and material.