The branches of Microbiology and general Surgery organize symposium about the relation

  • Posted: 15 Jun 2018

 With the attendance of University president Prof.Dr.Ali Mahmood AlShammari, and vice-chancellor for scientific affairs Prof.Dr.Mohammed Baqer Fakherldeen , The branches of Microbiology and general Surgery at Faculty of Medicine have organized symposium about the relation between Tuberculosis and surgical diseases.

Specialized professors have talked about various issues related to the matter.

Assist.Prof.Dr.Majida Malik, the head of Microbiology branch, has given a background about Tuberculosis , the danger of its spreading and the most challenges that face the health institutions of Third world countries to deal with the disease .

Assist.Prof Dr. Issra Alyassiri has shed the light upon the latest scientific findings and techniques in the field of diagnosing Tuberculosis, mostly important; (real time PCR technique).

Assist.Prof Dr.Adel Sahib AlMayali has given a lecture about the role of Tuberculosis  in ENT diseases, reflecting his explanation in three cases.

Dr. Samer Makki Al Hakkak has talked about a rare case that he reported in the American Surgical Surgery , which is about a woman affected by the disease in Lymph Nodes of armhole without being effected in any other part of the body.