Microbiology branch at Faculty of Medicine organizes course about Real time PCR

  • Posted: 09 Jul 2018

Microbiology branch at Faculty of Medicine has organized a course about real-time polymerase chain reaction with participating of teaching staff from Kufa University and Alkafeel University.

The course issues has shed the light upon the use of this technique in diagnosing Bacterial,Virus and genetic diseases. As well as utilizing its  applications in the fields of Medicine, agriculture, Forensic evidence and researches labs.

The lectures have been given by the head of Microbiology branch assist. Prof.Dr.Majida Malik Alshammari, the head of Pathology branch assist. Prof.Dr.Dhiyaa Shanan Alhassnawi , the lecturer assist. Prof.Dr Issra Alyasiri and Dr.Dhafer Alkufy from Kufa University/ Faculty of Pharmacy .

The course matters included practical lectures on how to extract DNA by sampling of human blood or plant tissues as well as using special primers to diagnose genetic mutations using serial polymerase reaction.