About the Faculty

  • Posted: 04 Dec 2018

   Faculty of Pharmacy has been established at Sept. 2018 by Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University . It deals with all kinds of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences. The Faculty of Pharmacy was begining with 45 students who are represented 80% the central admission and 20% private admission.  

The Faculty follows the central admission system according to the planned capacity and future needs of the country. English is the teaching language in the Faculty.

The Faculty location is on  the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in Kufa city. The Faculty has two Laboratories and one hall and shared with Medical of Faculty for other halls and laboratories.  

The Faculty has a diversity in academic staff who are teaching differnt pharmaceutical subjects of medical, chemical and pharmacy basic sciences. 

The Faculty is planning to get starting wih PharmD program after completing all the requirments.